Silhouette Tower, Conference Centre, Doha, Qatar

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Our People


Victor Temkin  Head of Project Management Department, specialist in consultancy, tenders, cost control, financial planning, over 20 years’ experience;

Vladimir Ryzhkov – Head of Design Department, Design Engineer, over 30 years’ experience, State award for elaboration of complex design solutions;

Alexander Ryzhkov –  Designer/Project Manager, specialist in design solutions, 3D-modelling, fabrication and installation supervision, 10 years’ experience;

Elena Malinovskaja – Designer, specialist in design solutions, project evaluations, over 25 years’ experience;

Vashkevich Alexander – Designer, 3 years’ experience in engineering;

Vladimir Veselov – Computing Engineer, specialist in thermo-technical, structural, etc. calculations, over 25 years’ experience;

Liudmila Antihovich – Designer, specialist in steel substructures development, over 25 years’ experience;

Andrey Alekseev – Specialist in design solutions, expert assessments elaboration, engineering experience over 20 years;

Catherine Evsukova – Project Manager, 10 years’ experience in construction projects management in Belarus, UAE and Qatar.