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Today, when the facade technology is developing to an independent field of planning with diversified requirements, Technologica uses its experience and competence specifically for advanced technical and cost-saving solutions for particularly exigent projects.


Complete Facade Design
Faсade Consultancy
Project Management


Complete Faсade Design


Technologica design team provides a comprehensive range of façade design services, including design concept elaboration, 3D modelling, structural analysis of the main structure, detailed shop drawings preparation, cost analysis and preliminary materials estimate.

We specialize at remote design preparation acting as an alternative to in-house design teams. This mode of cooperation gives us a unique opportunity to work for diversified projects at a time, ensuring vast experience in development of innovative and viable solutions to complex design challenges for the benefit of our clients, ensuring therefore budget costs economy.

Structural Design

Basing on the modern structural analysis software and on deep knowledge of the product and industry requirements, our structural engineers resolve multiple engineering problems, ensuring cost efficiency of the proposed solutions and longevity of the faсade, maintaining full conformity with local regulations.

Detailed Design

Acting in concert with the project architect, main contractor and sub-contractors, Technologica design team prepares complete detailed design and shop drawings for submission to the client’s consultant.

Fabrication Drawings

Being the originator of detailed design and having therefore a full understanding of the project, our specialists prepare fabrication drawings and schedules of fabrication/ installation to ensure accurate production and order of materials required to complete the works.


Faсade Consultancy


The facade consulting team of Technologica can perform different roles depending on the project specific requirements. The scope of services we provide can be made up to suit our clients needs within our resources and capacities. The greatest asset we possess are the people of Technologica.

We do not limit our role on a project to pure understanding of local codes and regulations but we do aim at interpreting the principles and concerns forming the core of such codes and regulations. Technologica key contribution for the project is a clear understanding of facade technology from basic principles to complex applications which results in coherent advice to our clients.

Due to thorough specialist knowledge and application of the modern design tools we reconcile design requirements, technical feasibility and financial possibilities.

Pre-Tender Stage

As part of design team Technologica helps to figure out the principle parameters characteristic for a particular facade, and building up the basis of the project specification.

We generate a detailed specification of the project reflecting the design intent, defining performance requirements, aesthetics and methods of construction dependant from site conditions and project budget.

At this stage we can elaborate detailed design solutions fully corresponding to the Specification and founded on value engineering principles. The detailed design can then be formally issued to the selected sub-contractor for preparation of the project shop drawings.

To ensure clear understanding of design specification by every potential sub-contractor Technologica specialists attend at pre-tender meetings, where they discuss the technical content of the project and highlight problematic areas.

Tender Stage

Technologica specialists comment on the suitability of companies applying for a tender, assessing the bids and compiling reports on the bidders qualifications.

We prepare a technical evaluation for each tender proposal, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. In order to give a complete assessment of potential sub-contractors ability to complete the bespoke work package effectually, Technologica team members can visit sub-contractors factory and office.

Design Stage

Technologica team compiles the project design analysis. Using the latest structural analysis software and product knowledge our structural engineers solve a whole range of challenging engineering problems to obtain the optimum design solutions.

We perform complete technical audits of designs proposed by the sub-contractors to ensure the conformity to the project specification and suitability of design, making sure it meets the technical, performance and aesthetic project requirements.

Fabrication Stage

Starting from the actual faсade manufacturing we attend the factory and inspect quality procedures, and check on the progress of fabrication. Each factory visit is supported with a written report.

We do also attend prototype testing and if it is necessary, we offer advice and propose various solutions for problems elimination or for further system improvements to the advantage of the project.

Installation Stage

For the site installation we can arrange a specialized façade supervisor - an engineer experienced in controlling the works and making sure these are carried out with a proper level of expertise, workmanship and quality, and in full compliance with the shop drawings and specification. The engineer can as well report on the installation progress.

Otherwise, monthly site visits by a faсade consultancy engineer can be arranged to provide expert advice and proper resolution of on-site issues.

We attend on-site performance testing to make sure the test procedure given in the Specification is observed and the faсade elements perform accordingly.

Project Completion Stage

At the end of the project Technologica specialists perform a full inspection of the installed building envelope, review the sub-contractors as-built drawings and maintenance manuals and prepare a final defects report.


Project Management


The key for success of each construction project lies in fast resolution of multiple challenges. Therefore, а close contact with the all parties involved: Main Contractor, Engineering Consultant, Sub-Contractors, as well as with local authorities is very important.

Our specialists work in line with the PMI standards and have expertise with projects situated in different parts of the world. The practice shows that we can easily find approach to each of the concerned organizations and ensure a smooth and well-coordinated work process.

The PM services we provide:

- Development of complete tender proposal

- Project planning (in Microsoft Project, Primavera)

- Project administration (check on compliance with the scope of works, project time constraints, project budget, risk assessment, all aspects of coordination with Engineer, Main Contractor, PM, Client etc.)

- Fabrication/ installation supervision and coordination (quality management procedures, human resources management, procurement and logistics, etc.)



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