Moscow Railway Museum, Moscow, Russia

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Complete Facade Design



Technologica design team provides a comprehensive range of faсade design services, including design concept elaboration, 3D modelling, structural analysis of the main structure, detailed shop drawings preparation, cost analysis and preliminary materials estimate.

We specialize at remote design preparation acting as an alternative to in-house design teams. This mode of cooperation gives us a unique opportunity to work for diversified projects at a time, ensuring vast experience in development of innovative and viable solutions to complex design challenges for the benefit of our clients, ensuring therefore budget costs economy.

Structural Design

Basing on the modern structural analysis software and on deep knowledge of the product and industry requirements, our structural engineers resolve multiple engineering problems, ensuring cost efficiency of the proposed solutions and longevity of the faсade, maintaining full conformity with local regulations.

Detailed Design

Acting in concert with the project architect, main contractor and sub-contractors, Technologica design team prepares complete detailed design and shop drawings for submission to the client’s consultant.

Fabrication Drawings

Being the originator of detailed design and having therefore a full understanding of the project, our specialists prepare fabrication drawings and schedules of fabrication/ installation to ensure accurate production and order of materials required to complete the works.