«Leader Tower», Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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At Technologica we provide property owners, architects and construction industry professionals with an independent consultancy, planning and development services in line with the latest market trends.

Solid experience and competence in a wide range of the curtain walling and cladding works forms the foundation of our success.

Having extensive knowledge together with methodical thinking, the people of  Technologica are fully capable of assisting architects in elaboration of conceptual designs, providing reliable expert advice in developing performance specifications, design options, preparing cost evaluations, and checking feasibility of design at international projects.

At the same time, we make sure that state-of-the-art technology and provident cost controlling are given equal importance with the building aesthetics.

The people that build up our organization are our greatest asset.

Therefore, the earlier we take part in design elaboration and project management, the higher probability of reducing constructional, operating, and maintenance costs presents. Moreover, solutions we propose never compromise the quality, meeting the technical, aesthetic, and legal conditions.

Technologica has a group of top-rank professionals specializing in computer aided 3-dimensional design. 3D computer modeling system is used to provide technical services to the architectural, structural, curtain wall, and metal or glass cladding industries, focusing specifically on designs that offer curved or multiple surfaces, multiple angles or other complex shapes.

We prepare a complete design analysis of the project. Using the latest structural analysis software and product knowledge our structural engineers can solve a whole range of challenging engineering problems.