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Completion of works at Moscow Railway Museum (Moscow, Russia)



Curtain wall installation at Moscow Railway Museum project is finalized. 

The Museum is located at Paveletski railway station in Moscow. On 23 January, 1924, the funeral train carrying the body of Lenin arrived at the station. Museum “Lenin funeral train” was built close to the station in 1979-1980.

For this project Technologica specialists have elaborated the design and produced all necessary work shop drawings, arranged the erection of the decorative curtain wall representing a panoramic picture with the total area of 102 sqm.

The decorative curtain wall includes 3 automatic doors among which there is a unique 5-meter high operable construction (depot gates analogue) equipped with automatics produced be German company GEZE specifically for this project.

Preplanned Museum opening date: 3rd quarter of year 2011.






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